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Montserrat Group brings decades of experience in the international trade and export development fields to its domestic and overseas clients.  Janine Bisaillon-Cary and her team of associates provide business development solutions and international growth strategies to private sector companies and government/economic development groups servicing the manufacturing community.


Montserrat Group focuses on domestic and international development for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises in the following industry sectors:


- Natural Resource Products

      - Food and Beverage Producers

      - Seafood and Aquaculture Processors

      - Pulp/Paper and Wood Products


-Advanced Manufacturing

      - Transportation (Supply Chain for Aviation,

         Automotive, and Rail)

      - Advanced Materials (Textiles and Carbon fiber)

      - Consumer Goods

      - Boat Building and Marine Products


-Life Sciences

      - Biotechnology

      - Medical Products

      - Diagnostics/Precision Medicine

About Montserrat

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